Those Who Guide Us

I was about to make a bad business move.

My friends told me so. My parents told me so. No, I told them. I’m right. And I crossed my arms and dug into my rightness.

But listen, I said to each of them, I’ve got a call with my mentor. I’ll run it by him, too. I’m pretty sure he’ll agree.

The call came. I explained the situation, how I planned to handle it. I knew my mentor would understand.

And my mentor said – with all the compassion and matter-of-factness in the world – exactly what everyone else said: That’s not a good move.

And I knew in my gut he was right.

There are some truths we can only hear from certain people. And these are people to keep close.

They help us play the long game, live into our capacity, make decisions we can be proud of. Call them mentors, teachers, advisors, sages. By whatever name, they’re guides down that dimly lit path of becoming who we are meant to become.

On the phone with my mentor, I vented out some colorful language (they are also the people who hold us while we storm, knowing it’s what we need to get to clearer sky). And then, my ego worn down, I sighed. Yeah, okay. You’re right.

I didn’t make the bad business move. A few days later, I texted my mentor. I’m still not happy about this situation. But I’m happy about how I handled myself in it. Thanks for the guidance.

You got it, he texted back.

And here’s another reason why these people are important: They never say, I told you so.

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