The Pump Up

My brother used to have a pair of Reebok Pumps.

They were orange and teal. With a basketball on the tongue that you squeezed for an inflatable shoe custom pumped for your foot.

It was an excellent concept. Who wouldn’t want a customized pump up?

Which got me thinking, Do I spend my time doing things that pump me up?

I can treat life as a towering To Do list that must be karate chopped through. But the more time we spend on things that leave us in a ball of stress, the more that becomes not only how we are. But who we are.

We can do better.

When jazz composer and musician Dave Brubeck was in his nineties, his doctor recommended that he keep on performing. For the simple reason that the pianist was in noticeably better condition following a gig. As Mr. Brubeck told Blumberg:

“I have more energy at the end [of a performance] than I do at the beginning. You can be so beat up that you can scarcely walk on stage, but when you get to the piano the excitement kicks in, you forget about being tired.”

Life can beat us up. But the other side of that coin is that life – daily life – can pump us up.

The scenic drive home. Sharing a good cup of coffee. That song you haven’t heard since high school.

Moments when the excitement kicks in. When you bounce back. When you come to the mountain ready to climb.

Don’t let them be occasional. Don’t let them be incidental.

They are right up there with vitamins and exercise and leafy greens.

Take a daily dose.

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