How to Make Impact

If you drop a ballpoint pen off the Empire State Building, it could accelerate to 200 miles per hour.

And when it made impact, it could chip the sidewalk of 5th Avenue.

Pens, not pennies, make the real dent, says Professor Louis Bloomfield from the University of Virginia.

A ballpoint pen weighs about 0.2 ounces. I’ve read that’s about how much your eye weighs.

So, what kind of a dent could all the ounces in you make if accelerated to their full capacity?

There are seven billion people on the planet.

In a mob that big, it’s easy to feel like small potatoes. It’s easy to feel inconsequential.

But let’s not take the easy route.

There’s too much traffic there. Traffic that will never go 200 miles per hour.

If you accelerated to your full capacity, what sidewalk could you chip?

If you fast-tracked your dreams deferred. If you took chances, not passes. If you got on with the rest of your life, not the life you were told to have. If you accelerated all that.

That would be big potatoes.

That would be consequential.

That would chip the sidewalk.

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