George Lucas Talks About Failure

George Lucas has had a lot more failures than successes.

He said so himself.

He’s a guy who likes to explore ideas and experiment around, assemble pieces and create things. When you’re creating things, he told the National Endowment for the Arts in an interview, there’s the real possibility of failure.

Especially, he added, when you’re creating things that haven’t been created before or saying things that haven’t been said before.

So, the man knew failure. Howard the Duck, More American Graffiti, writing some lines of dialogue that he himself would describe as “wooden.”

But his thinking is that failure is integral. Integral to creating and integral to living. It’s so much more educational than success, he said.

Failure might give you heartache and pain. It also gives you information, he believed, echoing Toni Morrison’s sentiment that failure is just “knowledge of what doesn’t work.”

And if you use that knowledge, that information, if you learn from it, it becomes experience.

So for Mr. Lucas, he sums it up like this: “Failure is just another word for experience.”

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