Tea with Alice Walker

When talking about writing routines, here’s the analogy Alice Walker gave Writers Digest

“If you are expecting someone to come to tea but you’re not going to be there, they may not come,” she said. “And if I were them, I wouldn’t come,” she added.

For 30 years, Ms. Walker got up every morning and wrote. Or at least created the space to write, to be visited by ideas, inspiration, some creative force.

In fact, at the end of The Color Purple, she thanked “everybody in this book for coming.”

As a writer, Ms. Walker is willing to be patient, contemplative, quiet, and still. Willing to be surprised by what comes. Willing to show up to her Smith Corona typewriter, her yellow legal pads, or, these days, her Mac laptop.

“It’s about receptivity and being home when your guest is expected,” Ms. Walker said, “or even when you hope that they will come.”

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