The Less Watched Ones

I went to a dance performance last night.

My eyes, as they usually do, focused on the dancers in front. They were the obvious ones to watch, the top names in the program and on the marquee.

Somewhere during the evening, my eyes slipped to the dancers in the back. And I couldn’t help but think they were the less watched ones. The members of the ensemble who got the least performance time, and what they did get was spent on the far reaches of the stage, furthest from the audience’s view.

You had to look to see them. But if they weren’t there, the whole would be lesser.

And thinking about this, I made a little promise to myself: I would look more for the less watched ones. The dancers in the back, the musicians who don’t get the solo, the people who contribute to the greater whole from the far reaches.

These are the ones I would make an effort to see, which can be, I think, a way to honor.

And last night, when these dancers took the first bow, I cheered louder and longer than I usually do.

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