Making Our Own Light in Winter

Here in my New England, winter is arriving.

And it arrives whether we agree with it or not.

I can fight the season all I want, but the sun will still set around 4pm. My fingers will still lose dexterity in the raw air. The trees will still be humble and naked.

More and more, I’m thinking about the things that warm me, comfort me, help me keep my own internal weather vibrant, no matter the gray of the skies.

A few things I’m aware of: in the dark evenings, hot drinks with good friends. Lamps that cast a gentle glow. Lots of superb music – Stevie Wonder, Patsy Cline, Prince, 1950’s diner tunes that just beg for you to belt them out.

Also, walking with the rising sun, and savoring that sunlight when it’s out. Getting into the bright colors: shirts, sheets, 1,000 points if it’s something you use daily, like a jacket or hat.

I know of folks who dig into irresistible novels, take up swing dance, invest in exceptional pillows and comforters, join workout classes, use their fireplace nightly.

There are many little balms out there for the harsher moments of the season.

The winter is here. That’s undeniable. But there are ways we can make our own light. And that’s powerful.

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